Man High On Bath Salts Eats Animal At Zoo In Zombie-Like Attack


An attack in a Monroe, Louisiana zoo had onlookers in the state of shock when a man high on drugs attacked a mountain lion cub in an open field exhibit. William Howard, 24, was on a guided tour in a secure area where small exotic wildlife are allowed to roam. The tour allows you to get up close and personal with some of the most dangerous predators, while they are still small and harmless.

On Wednesday, the tour turned tragic when Howard pounced on a small animal and began to rip out its guts with his teeth. Everyone on the tour said they were frozen with shock and fear. “I brought my son on this tour for a once-in-a-lifetime, one-on-one contact with these rare animals. But I never thought it would end like this,” said Terry Rogers. “A couple of the ladies started screaming, and when I turned around I saw this creep feeding on this helpless cub like a zombie. What the hell is wrong with people! My son is going to be scarred for life.”

The tour guide said they had to think quick. They pulled out their tranquilizer guns and shot Howard, putting him fast asleep. But it was too late for the five month old mountain lion cub who did not survive the attack. Howard was transported to a nearby hospital where he stayed until he regained consciousness.  Toxicology tests revealed that Howard tested positive for synthetic cathinones, also known as “bath salts.” Bath salts are a synthetic drug which, when taken, can cause paranoia, hallucinations, and panic attacks. There have been several incidents over the last five years where people under the influence of this drug have committed cannibalism and other similar attacks.

Howard was booked into the Monroe County jail and is currently under mental evaluation. William Howard is being held with no bond.


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