Man Super Glues Girlfriend’s Vagina After Finding Explicit Photos On Her Instagram


Hassan Garrett, 25, has been arrested in connection with applying super glue to his girlfriend’s vagina after discovering she had received nude photos from men on Instagram.

According to reports, Garrett was very jealous and always snooped around her phone, Facebook, and other social networks to see if she was talking to anyone else. Garrett’s obsessive behavior was due to the fact that she had cheated on him before. According to Quadir Dunson, a friend of Garrett, “Hassan used to always complain about his girl flirting with people online. Sometimes he would get mad when they would go out together, she would give too much attention to other guys. I tried to tell him to leave her but he said he loves her and that she belongs to him.”

According to authorities, “We responded to the residence of Hassan Garrett after receiving an emergency call from Shakira Johnson around 9:30 p.m. A distress call was made indicating that Garrett had attacked Johnson, forcing her into the bedroom. When we arrived at the scene, we found Garrett and Johnson locked inside their bedroom. We heard both of them arguing with each other so we told Garrett to open the door. When Garrett opened the door, we found Johnson laying on the bed naked and crying. Garrett had a 9mm handgun in his right hand. We ordered him to drop the weapon, then Officer Rutherford, subdued Garrett and moved him to the living room. We asked Johnson to get dressed and then we questioned her regarding the incident,” said Officer Easton.

“I came home around 7:45 from doing Hassan’s friends hair. When I got home, Hassan kept staring at me like something was wrong. When I asked him what his problem was, he pulled up Instagram on his Samsung Galaxy Tablet and said “This is the f**king problem b**ch!” When he showed the tablet to me, there were pictures of a guy’s d**k in my DMs. Hassan kept scrolling through my DMs complaining about all of the nudes in my DMs. I snatched the tablet from him and told him to mind his business. That’s when he got his gun from under the couch, pointed it at me and told me to go into the bedroom. He then told me strip while he was pointing the gun at me and said he would blow my head off if I didn’t listen. I was so scared because I never seen him act like this. He’s always accusing me of cheating and he said I was nothing but a thot,” said Johnson.

Shortly after giving authorities some details of the incident, she complained of a strong burning sensation in her genital area. Authorities asked her if she was sexually assaulted which lead to a response the police were not expecting.

“He told me to lie down and open my legs. I thought he was turned on from what he saw on Instagram and maybe just wanted to blow off a little steam. He then got on his knees and got closer to my vajayjay so I thought he was about to eat it. All of a sudden, I felt some liquid stuff on my vajayjay which didn’t feel like spit. I didn’t feel his tongue so I jumped back and saw a tube of Gorilla Glue in his hand. I then felt a burning sensation between my legs. I asked him what did he do and he told me that I will never be able to open my legs for another man again. That’s when I called the police,” said Johnson.

Authorities called emergency response units to the scene to assist Johnson with removing the glue. When paramedics arrived at the scene, they attempted to use a solvent to loosen the adhesive. Nothing worked so paramedics tried to use clamps to open her vagina. Although successful, the process left heavy scaring and bleeding which required Johnson to be transported to the hospital for further treatment.

Officer Rutherford had questioned Garrett regarding the incident. According to reports, Garrett seemed remorseless about his actions.

“That thot a** b**ch deserved it. How could she be with me and be with all these other guys at the same time. She cheated on me once before and since then I could not trust her. After finding those photos on her Instagram, I couldn’t bear to deal with her cheating anymore. I went to Walmart, bought some Gorilla Super Glue, and used it to close that thot box shut. I wasn’t going to shoot or kill her, I just needed something to make her cooperate until I was done,” said Garrett to Officer Rutherford.

Johnson was taken to Emory University Hospital in which she had to undergo immediate surgery to remove all remnants of the glue used to seal her shut. According to medical officials, the glue got so far inside of Johnson that it has caused irreversible damage to her female reproductive organs. As a result, Johnson will experience severe pain from sex and there is a strong possibility she will not be able to have children.

Garrett was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm.



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