Man Tells Cop There’s A Loaded Handgun In His Glove Compartment. Cop’s Reaction? Stunning

When Matt Powers was pulled over by the police for having an expired registration, he had no idea what to expect. With everything going on in the world right now between police and civilians, he decided to travel with a legally concealed handgun.

Powers keeps his handgun in his glove compartment, loaded, and with the safety on. His registration papers were in the compartment with the gun so when the police officer asked for his license, registration, and insurance card, Powers decided the best course of action would be to cooperate fully with the cop.

After his run in with the police,Powers managed to be on his way with no issues. He was so impressed with the way that the Altoona Police department handled the situation, that he decided to share the story on Facebook.

People were so impressed by Powers’s demeanor in the situation that it ended up spreading like wildfire on the Internet. Since the post of his story went on Facebook, it has been shared over 8,400 times, liked over 31,000 times, and even commented on over 1,300 times!

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