Man’s Car Is Stolen With His Beloved Pup Inside – Officers Reunite Him With His Dog Hours Later

Getting your car stolen is a devastating ordeal in itself, but imagine if your beloved pet was also taken along with your vehicle. One man in Portland, Oregon had a huge scare when he thought he’d lost his dog for good.

After finishing a meal at the Mouse Trap Tavern in Portland, Randy Garman panicked when he realized his car had disappeared along with his eight-year-old Labrador, Tiger, who had stayed inside the car.


He panicked and immediately called 911, and later drove to all nearby parks in hope of finding Tiger. Garman stated he left his windows down and the doors unlocked to ensure Tiger had enough air, but unfortunately, this made his car an easier target.

Then, only a few hours after he’d filed his report with Portland police, Garman got the good news he’d desperately hoped for. Authorities not only located his car and arrested the perpetrator, but also found Tiger safe and sound as she wandered through a neighborhood. She was exhausted after being lost for hours, but was happily reunited with Garman. He expressed his gratitude for the police officers who made their reunion possible in only a few hours.


Garman was grateful to have his furry one back, and said he would have a talk with Tiger about strangers. For him, the thought of losing his loving pooch was more unbearable than the loss of his car.

Our pets are like our children, for whom we would do anything to make sure they are always safe and alert. Fears of never seeing a family member or pet again are too much to bear, and incidents like these remind us of the importance of remaining vigilant. Watch the video below for more details on Garman and Tiger’s shocking experience.

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