McDonald’s Add Bizarre New Addition To Menu, People Can’t Cope With It

McDonald’s have been getting all fancy pants on us as of late. First they announced that they would be introducing a gourmet table service to their restaurants, and now they’ve added macarons and Camembert cheese to their menus in South Korea and Japan respectively.

But if you were about to book your McDonald’s tour of Asia to try these brilliant new dishes, I’d advise you to think twice before clicking confirm, because McDonald’s China have just released what is probably the most bizarre addition to their menu I’ve ever seen.


It turns out that I’m not the only one that’s grossed out – the internet have been busy voicing their disgust over on Twitter. Head over to the next page to discover why one user reacted by saying: “Not gonna eat that ever in a million years under duress and in a hostage situation.”

So what is this new addition that’s causing the internet to freak out? The culprits: bright green and red burger buns. Released to celebrate the upcoming Angry Birds movie, “The Naughty Green Pork Burger” has an egg, lettuce and mystery jalapeño sauce on it, while “The Super Red” chicken burger comes with sliced tomato and egg topped off with a fiery pepper mayo sauce.



One charming Twitter used described the burger as a “bargain basement dose of penicillin.” Another wrote: “It’s ironic, normally their food makes other people’s faces turn green.”

If you’re thinking these burgers look like the grossest McDonald’s meal you could ever eat, I’ve got a video which will prove you wrong. Over on the next page, you can watch a man drink a smoothie consisting of an entire McDonald’s meal, blended.


The disgusting smoothie was created by a guy called Edward for his friend Sam’s birthday. Sam apparently loves a McDonald’s meal, but I can’t imagine that anyone loves the golden arches enough to actually enjoy this blend of coke, burger and chips.


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