Miss. Cop Fired After Viral Video Shows Him Soliciting Sex

There’s definitely no such thing as a divide between the police and their communities, and anyone who says otherwise just doesn’t care about our men in uniform… That’s sarcasm if you couldn’t tell, because at this point there’s no one that can deny the massive amount of video evidence proving the corruption in multiple departments across the nation.

This latest video to emerge comes from Jackson, Mississippi, where Officer Daryl Stasher propositions a young woman for sexual relations both while in uniform and on duty. As if that weren’t a large enough problem for the department the guy was apparently doing all this to a 17-year-old girl – she wasn’t even of legal age! The things he was saying weren’t in any way hidden – he didn’t attempt to hide his desires – the entire time he chose to be completely forward that he wanted to f***, that was all.

Police Commander Tyree Jones has spoken out against the actions of Stasher since the video had gone viral, stating that even the Chief was disgusted that any officer would behave in such a manner, let alone in in a marked police cruiser. According to sources Stasher was an eight-year veteran with the department, but due to his actions he won’t be serving with them any longer.


It’s a good thing that he got fired over this, but is that really be enough when any other citizen would be charged with sexual harassment? If you want the divides between the people of the world to go away it’s about time we all started treating each other equally, where we’re *all* held to the same laws and standards.

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