Mom Has A Camera rolling, But What She Captures Her Daughter Doing Is Beyond Me

Adele Enerson is a mother like no other. She’s armed with the determination of Jane Addams and the creative flair of Georgia O’Keeffe, and she does amazing things with her skills. She’s taken a series of photos dubbed “Mila’s Daydream,” and they’re on display in the clip below.

She’s dressed her young one up in all sorts of outfits, magical and mysterious. While Mila’s asleep, Adele creates lavish scenes of fantasy, of which Mila is the protagonist. The scenes range from mundane (Mila’s on a clothesline) to mystical (she’s soaring across the sky), but no matter the props, Adele never fails to make each shot interesting.

I get emotional diving into my childhood photo album — I can’t imagine how I’d feel gazing at something as perfect as this. It’ll be a truly unique experience for Mila, as she’s looking back on these.


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