Mom Is Stunned When Son Saves Allowance For 7 Months Just To Pay It Forward To Local Cops

The police station was just 5-year-old William’s first stop. This proud mama could not believe the full day of kind acts that her little one had planned!1

William Evertz Jr. is a 5-year-old boy who will quickly become your personal inspiration. One day, William’s mom, Tara Evertz, showed him a news story on YouTube where someone did a random act of kindness by helping a homeless person.

The little guy instantly knew that he wanted to do the same. William asked his mom for an allowance so he could give it to others in need. Tara began creating small chores for him to earn money.

Willian saved his allowance for seven whole months. Finally, after the long wait, Tara declared Wednesday “Kindness Day,” a day the mother and son would spend entirely helping others.

Their first stop was a local police station, where they bought the police department catered lunch from Subway. William dreams of becoming an officer, and the cops were happy to make him an honorary cop with a special shirt and badge.

“He wants to help people, he likes being kind. When we all signed up for this job, that was our thing — we want to help people, and I think he’s going to do a good job,” Lt. Chris Dubler said.

But this wasn’t all they had in store for the day. The mother-son team will be delivering toys and school supplies to children at a domestic violence shelter, food to an animal shelter, and dropping off $25 to a family in need of day care. Incredible! That’s certainly more than I’ve done this week in just one day!

“He’s 5. I think a lot of people should take a page out of his book and just be kind to everybody,” the proud mother said.

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