Mom Looks Down At Her Daughter’s Hands, Horrified To See How She Was Punished At School

Parents trust teachers and schools to take care of their children and to keep them safe from the moment they drop their child off to the moment the parents pick them up from school. After all, it is the school’s lawful responsibility to take care of the children until they hand the children back off to the parents at the end of the day. One mom trusted that her daughter would be taken care of, however, she was regrettably wrong.


Alma Gallegos was sickened to think of what the teacher made her 11-year-old daughter do, all for being late to class. After all, students are sometimes late to class. They are kids, and are still learning about responsibility. Sometimes, it is not even the child’s fault as to why they were late to their next class in the first place. Perhaps another teacher kept them a few minutes afterwards. Bottom line, it happens.


In Red Oak, Texas, there is a school in Ellis County called Red Oak Middle School. Alma Gallegos’ daughter goes to school there. She and along with a few other classmates ended up being a little late to their sixth period P.E. class. They expected to get a warning or talked to by the coach about why they shouldn’t be late to class–not what the coach did instead.


The coach ended up forcing these 11-year-old girls to do bear crawls as their punishment. What this required of the students, is they had to place their bare hands on the extremely hot turf near the football field. The temperature was around 90 degrees that day. The coach forced the girls to go from the end zone to the field goal and back about six times. Needless to say, when the girls were finished, all seven girls left the field with painful, blistery looking, red little hands. Alma’s daughter shared on Fox 4 News:

“I tried to tell her that I burned my hands but she just told me to go back in line and do them again.”


Although Alma Gallegos agrees with the coach that her daughter should have had some sort of consequence for being late in order to teach her a lesson to be on time in the future, she in no way would have ever agreed to the method the coach used. Alma suggested:

“Run an extra lap, run an extra two laps. Why would you put them on turf? You get on the turf and you let me know how it feels.”


The school administration ended up calling each student’s parents right after they were informed of the situation. The school principal actually wanted to understand what the girls went through, so he put his hands on the turf and realized how hot it really was for them.


Alma’s daughter was taken to the ER and with a lot of ointment and a little time, her blisters have been getting better. Although that is great news, Alma Gallegos is still not happy with the situation. She said:

“I’ve gotten apologies from everyone else but [the coach] and an explanation as to why she did it. Some people may say, ‘Oh this generation, they’re crybabies.’ It’s not cry baby. It’s just that this isn’t the military. This is school.”

Watch this video to see the news report of the incident.

Teaching children how not to be late to class is one thing as it can teach them about responsibility. However, there are other methods in regards to teaching children lessons that don’t involve physically harming them in any way. It is important for schools and teachers to learn which ways are the right ways to teach children lessons.


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