Most Restaurant Steaks Are Made From THIS Disturbing Meat Source! OMG YUCK!

They’re often sold fraudulently, and while you might feel a little sick to your stomach if you paid top dollar for what you thought was an original, I guarantee it won’t be as bad as a different sort of Frankenstein’d commodity.
Hang onto your lunch, folks. The Frankensteak is here.
Actually, it’s been here for a pretty long time and it shows that people will go to all sorts of crazy lengths to be deceptive and make as much money as possible.
So what exactly is a Frankensteak?
Well, dining halls and restaurants frequently use a process that takes bits and pieces of unwanted meat, sticks ’em together with meat glue and makes it look like a solid piece of meat.
I know what you’re thinking:
“No way is that possible, I would totally know!”
No. No you wouldn’t, because it’s scary convincing.


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