Officer Pulls Over 2 Adorable ‘Suspects’ & Reminds Us That At End Of The Day Cops Are Just Human

A Roanoke, Virginia, police officer is showing there’s more behind the mirrored Ray-Bans than just an officer who’s interested in your license and registration.cop-chase-e1432758801307

Officer Kenny Bowman told WTVR-TV a home video of him ‘chasing’ his speeding kids shows cops are as approachable as anyone else:

We all have families just like most people do. Show them who you are. Just let people know you can come talk to us about anything. Let us know what’s going on in your neighborhood. See if we can help out

The video, which Bowman called ‘Floor It!’ is going viral, not least because of his cute kids and that crazy gymnastics move at the end is worth a watch, too.


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