Old Man Finds A Stray Dog, But Look What Happens When He Slips And Falls…

Badger was one of the dogs included in the 47th annual Purina Hall Of Fame induction ceremony in Toronto, Canada. The Hall of Fame honors and showcases the heroic efforts of pets.

Badger, a loyal 11-year-old Lab-Rottweiler mix, was abandoned in the woods as a puppy and rescued by his now forever-grateful owner, Derik Hodgson, over 10 years ago. Derik, a 71-year-old retiree, is a photographer, outdoor enthusiast, and animal lover. Living alone in a remote cabin in Elgin, Ontario, Derik quickly grew to rely on Badger as soon as he brought him home – first as a trusted companion, and then as a faithful best friend. Little did he know that Badger would also eventually become his life-saver.

One cold and fateful day, Derik slipped and fell on the lake ice. He broke his leg in two places and ripped his tendons. He couldn’t stand. He didn’t have his cell phone with him, and it was below freezing. Derik knew that Badger was his only hope of survival.

Calling Badger over, he came running from the cabin to his owner’s aid. He grabbed onto Badger’s collar and yelled “Mush!” Badger knew exactly what to do. He dragged his human up from the pond, then up a steep incline to the cabin, where Derik was able to call 911 for help. Incredible!

The duo was presented with a medal for Badger and a painting of the canine hero. Derik joked, “The honor doesn’t mean a thing to (Badger). He’s just in it for the kibble.”

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