Old Man Opens His Fridge. When He Discovers THIS Inside, He Dials The Cops Right Away…

Here we have some really awesome police officers who decided to help out an elderly man in their community, and they did so with money out of their own pockets!

This happened in Tennessee and ended up making the news when someone caught this amazing act performed by the officers.

They truly went out of their way to help out in the community, in a way that would make a direct difference in somebody’s life. While these acts do go on within the policing community, rarely do they receive any recognition.

Here we have that much deserved recognition and the story that follows will definitely warm your heart.

Check this story out:


The police received a phone call that came from a local elderly man.

His request was straightforward and simple. Nevertheless, the whole department became involved.

Would there be any way that officers could bring some food to his apartment? That was his request.


He lives in Mount Pleasant, TN. It’s a small, quiet and historic town with only 5,000 people.

It lies on the outside border of Appalachia. The community in Mount Pleasant consists of folks who help one another out, especially when there is an emergency.

The police are clearly in tune to this kind of community attitude as they didn’t think twice about what needed to be done.


The man on the phone told police that he had not eaten in two full days.

He was 79, and said his debit card had been tampered with, and drained of funds, likely from his former caretaker he believed. It was a very harsh winter, and this man had no money in his account to buy food with, and getting food would be difficult anyway due to the weather.

It’s unclear if family was in the area or not. They may have also been trapped inside by the harsh weather conditions.


Local police were glad to have received the call, and were very eager to assist the man.

The police are very active in the community. They support local high school sports and even put on campaigns to raise awareness of driving while distracted and the dangerous consequences it can have.

The police in many small towns have a local pride which they put to practice, and make it part of their duty to help out when their people are in need.


The officers ended up buying the elderly man enough food that would easily last him an entire month.

Officers Odom, Gray, Runion, and Bolton actually took $160 out of their own pockets to help the man! Their personal contributions led to the man having enough to eat for weeks to come.

As would happen, a huge snowstorm struck town the next weekend. The timing and quick action by the officers truly did make a big difference.


This has turned into more of a long term mission as the officers started up a food pantry, which would help out those in need.

And the caretaker who stole the elderly man’s money? The police hunted her down and arrested her.

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