Once I Saw How She Made This Popcorn, I Vowed To Never Use My Microwave Again

Making popcorn has become a mindless chore. You just throw the mundane bag in the microwave, hit a button and wait. But how this woman makes this treat is downright genius!

There’s truly nothing like curling up with that special someone, throwing on a movie and picking at some delicious homemade popcorn. This woman’s old-school method of popping corn is phenomenal. Not only will it result in a better tasting treat for your cinema-viewing needs, but it’ll have your house smelling like the lobby of a multi-plex theater.

Personally, a quiet night with my loved one on the couch watching ‘The Notebook’ with a belly full of scrumptious popcorn is an unbeatable recipe for romance. But is that really the best movie to set the mood?


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