Over 400 Students And Faculty Sing Outside The Home Of Teacher With Cancer


Faculty members from Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville, TN and over 400 students assembled round the house of one of their teachers whose presence was noticed less and less throughout the halls and in the classroom. A high school instructor, Ben Ellis, is currently currently battling with cancer. As the severity of his disease has improved, he’s been forced to spend additional time at home recovering. They wanted to find a exceptional way to show him that they had been thinking of him and that he had been missed. School buses boarded and filled up their cars and drove to the home of the man. His lawn was filled by them and began singing to help boost Ellis’ spirits. It was incredible to see this plan unfold. As he watched his pupils below Ellis sang along from his window. He was truly touched by their empathy and concern as is everybody else who watches that heartwarming video. He had been blown away by how inviting colleagues and his students were. Today these pupils learned more than they would have in a classroom”. The students and faculty members could have easily dismissed his absence. Most students rejoice if their teacher is away and enjoy in the liberty afforded to them there is a substitute instructor left in charge. You could always expect a picture and whether the pupils are really lucky, their teacher generally leaves behind a game for them to perform. You can ensure that schoolwork is done the instructor is gone this community of students and faculty members did not like that Ellis was off.


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