Parents Sentenced To Life For Their Newborn’s Death And Blame Their Vegan Lifestyle

The tragic story below serves as a reminder for first-time parents everywhere.

Jade Sanders and Lamont Thomas welcomed their little ray of sunshine into the world and couldn’t wait to introduce him to all of life’s little treasures. Fast forward six weeks, and they realized something was terribly wrong with their son.

The newborn, Crown Shakur, was rushed to their hospital after he began to have trouble breathing in 2005. Doctors declared the tiny baby dead on arrivaldue to malnourishment. The devastated parents pleaded that they simply wanted to raise their first born with the same Vegan lifestyle they shared.

The parents only fed their son soy milk and apple juice, and argued they had no idea their child was in danger. The courts in Georgia disagreed.


Jade faced the courts and said, “I loved my son – and I did not starve him.” Although the defense lawyers argued the parents’ case, the two were sentenced to life in prison.article-2036671-0DDA750700000578-933_468x392According to the experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies thrive most on the natural breastfeeding for about the first six months – regardless of each parent’s eating preferences!

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