People Are Attacking Cracker Barrel Over Their Name, Want Them To Change It Due To Racism

In July, Ryan Koch initiated a petition on to change the name of the American chain resturant and gift store, Cracker Barrel. The petition gained widespread media attention when Koch suggested that the name be changed to ‘Caucasian Barrel’ instead.

The petition reads: ‘I say all of us European Americans start protesting C****er Barrel. It uses an offensive slur and it is deeply offensive and mocks our long and proud heritage.’


Poking at political correctness, Koch’s petition becomes obviously satirical by the end of the petition that reads: ‘The name is offensive, their logo stereotypes European Americans as people who sit on chairs and lean against what appears to be a bourbon barrel, claiming we are all a bunch of alcoholics. Sure, they’ll SAY it’s ‘cracker’ barrel but everyone knows crackers don’t come in barrels, they come in bags and boxes! Change the C****er Barrel to Caucasian Barrel. After all, white people should have something to be offended by, too!’

Although Koch’s initial intentions were to make light of what people may consider offensive, many people weren’t given the heads up on the joke. In fact, more than 16,000 people have voted for the petition to take action based on claims of racism.


In an effort to clarify his intentions, the petition creator decided to release the following statement: ‘I started this satirical petition in lieu of constant media reports of various groups and organizations constantly wanting to change things throughout the country because they claim they are offended.’

 ‘The petition was meant to shed light on how ridiculous all of the political correctness currently going on in the country is, and how we should focus on real issues,’ added Koch.

Despite stemming from a satirical seed, many people commented on the ‘unacceptable’ name of the old country store and seem pretty enthusiastic about facilitating a less offensive name change.

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