Petrified Guy Uses Girlfriend As A Shield In Haunted House

This is the hilarious and rather embarrassing moment a man used his girlfriend as a human shield to protect him from the ‘ghosts’ inside a haunted house.

The couple were captured on CCTV making their way through the scary theme park attraction in what appears to be complete darkness.

The exact location of the video is unclear, but it shows the man and woman walking in single file along a corridor and anticipating being frightened.

Humorously the lady takes the lead and feels for the wall while the man cowers behind her with his hood up, his head down and his arms locked tightly around her waist.

Suddenly something frightens the woman in the dark and she backs away screaming

Meanwhile her boyfriend continues to hide behind her and screams in terror while stamping his feet and flailing his arms.

He then bends his knees and goes to crouch on the ground but the woman continues to stand up and prevents him from doing so.

Later they edge forward and the lady decides that she no longer wants to be at the front and forces her boyfriend to take the lead.

He reluctantly stands in front of her and pulls his hood tightly around his head to shield himself from the ‘ghouls’.

The man then begins screaming in fear once more and attempts to compose himself by breathing heavily and staring at the ground.

He clutches his girlfriend once again and crouches to the ground as a group of men with torches wander into the haunted house and attempt to discover the source of the screaming.

It appears that the men have arrived to rescue the duo, who are both frozen with fear, and the team walk the man out of the spooky theme park attraction while holding his hand.

The video concludes with the man limping out of the door and his girlfriend following behind without any assistance.

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