Police Post ‘Wanted’ Photo Of Criminal On Facebook, Everyone Destroys Her For Her Eyebrows

Thanks in part to the eyebrow goddess that is Cara Delevigne, having your eyebrows on fleek is yet another aspect of appearance that women are forced to worry about. From eyebrow pencils, to browscara, to tattoos; there are a million different ways you can up your brow game.1

Thanks to Cara and her brilliant brows, eyebrow tattoos are on the rise, as people get tatted in the quest for the perfect shape, colour, and size. Since tattooing is a permanent procedure, you’d assume that anyone going under the needle would want to double and triple check that everything was perfect before any ink hit their skin.

Try telling that to one criminal from Manchester, UK, whose mugshot went viral after her terrible brows were displayed for the entire internet to see. The woman was wanted by Greater Manchester Police for perverting the course of justice, but it wasn’t her crimes that people wanted to see her locked up for – it was her eyebrows.

In just a few hours, the mugshot was shared almost a thousand times. The woman in question’s name is Kealeigh Benson, and police originally posted the photo after appealing for the public’s help to trace the woman, who’s from Tameside.


One commenter said: “She should be arrested just for those eyebrows! Jesus!” Another added: “She looks like she’s been mugged and eyebrows have been drawn on by a passing motorbiker.”

Don’t worry, Kealeigh, at least you don’t look as bad as some of these guys. Then again, they are meth users struggling with an incredibly serious addiction, so that’s not really saying much.


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