Pregnant Mom of Twins Told to Prepare for the Worst, What Doctors See at Delivery Leaves them Shocked.

Kate Lucas was told not to set up a nursery for the twin babies she was expecting because there was too much of a risk they wouldn’t survive.

Now, she’s sharing pictures of her two very happy and healthy daughters to show other moms that monoamniotic twins can beat the odds.

As Huffington Post reports, Lucas learned that her unborn daughters were twins early in her pregnancy.aBecause the egg split 8-13 days after fertilization, the babies would be Monoamniotic/Monochorionic identical twins— splitting just a day later might have made them conjoined twins.

“[The doctor] continued explaining they have no dividing membrane – they share the same amniotic fluid – and are given a 50-70% chance of surviving the cord entanglement they create by twisting and turning around one another,” Lucas wrote on the Miracle Babies blog. “Only 1% of all identical twins are MoMo.”

Lucas learned that as the twins grow in utero, the dangers of complications and defects grow.

“[T]he larger the baby the less room there is, and thus they can actually compress each others cords and cut off the vital supply of blood and nutrients from the umbilical cord,” Lucas wrote. “They also have a much higher rate of defects and anomalies.”

Lucas says that her first obstetrician suggested keeping the pregnancy a secret and waiting for a likely miscarriage. It didn’t take her long to find another doctor, this time a specialist that kept careful watch on the twins’ and the mom’s health.

bLucas delivered by cesarean section at 32 weeks after a very difficult four weeks in the hospital where she and the babies were monitored daily.

“We were told not to set up a nursery as it would make it too hard if we lost one or both the twins, so I spent time pouring over catalogues wondering what if anything I might need,” she wrote.

Lucas says that despite all the worrying, the twins were delivered successfully and with no complications at all. Having expected not to be able to see her babies right away, it was a very emotional moment for both Lucas and her husband.

When the twisted and knotted umbilical cords were examined, the doctors were shocked that the twins had survived the entanglement.

It was a true miracle, and the babies had been delivered just in time.

cThe twins, Harper and Cleo, had to spend some time in the NICU, but Lucas says she was grateful that they didn’t have a harder journey as the preemies grew.

Now at almost eight-years-old, the twins — or “twirlies” as their parents call them — are as close as two sisters can be.

“When MoMos survive they are known to be the closest twins of all as they have been in physical contact since conception,” she wrote. “We … will be forever grateful we were lucky enough to be blessed with our miracle twins.”


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