Protesting Against Each Other, They Met Eye to Eye. In That Very Moment They Knew Exactly What to Do

The protests outside of the McKinney Police Station last night, left two men — who supported two different sides of the argument — looking for unity amongst the chaos, The Blaze reports.

Lashadion Anthony and Scott Harmaring came together to pray for peace.1

“They want to make it a black and white thing, it’s not a black and white thing,” Anthony tells KDFW.

The two men, despite holding opposite beliefs, met in the middle of the heated debate with an embrace and immediately bowed their heads, proving that it is possible for people with different opinions to “work together.”

2Harmaring tells KDFW about the moment he had with Anthony.

“It means there’s a chance that we can fix some of the problems in our society today,” he explains. “If we’d all just learn to do what we just did and work together and pray together, there’s a chance.”

With the protests in McKinney ending peacefully, maybe others will be inspired by Anthony and Harmaring’s display of faith and acceptance to reach out and shake the hand of their fellow man in unity and understanding.


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