Puppy Grabs The Baby’s Diaper. Now Watch How The Baby Reacts. Too Cute!

When parents have to introduce a pet to their baby, it can be a stressful time — but it looks like this family has nothing to worry about! Frodo the corgi puppy is so playful and just loves being with his human siblings.

In the video, the dog plays with baby boy named Gunnar or, well, his diaper. The funny puppy tries to pull on the baby’s diaper, and it reminds me a whole lot of a Coppertone ad. Of course, the puppy isn’t pulling very hard, and the baby just thinks it’s hilarious!

Gunnar may still be in diapers, but he already knows that his pal Frodo is his very best friend. I can’t get over this baby and his squeals of happiness! It doesn’t get much cuter than this. The baby’s laughter is so contagious that even his mom could not stop laughing. Thankfully, they caught the cute encounter on camera. It’s just so sweet!

Dogs are truly the sweetest creatures and can be so great around kids when raised in a loving home — just take a look at this lab who taught a baby to crawl or the dog trying to show a little baby how she is supposed to jump, so someday they can play together!

These two pals are going to grow up being best buddies.


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