Pushed to the Brink After Being Bullied for Years, Kind Strangers Give Teen Something to Smile About

Fourteen-year-old Breanna Mendoza has been bullied all her life for a congenital birth defect, called Goldenhar Syndrome; which has caused a deformation in Breanna’s face.

As reported by ABC News 10, Breanna spoke to News 10 about being the victim of bullying. In her heartbreaking interview she said that after years of being bullied she considered taking her own life.

“I was in second or first grade and I thought about just going into the street and just going in front of a bus. See what happens when you bully [people] to such a point? I want to prove to people that this is wrong and it does hurt,” she said.


Breanna eventually stopped going to her school, Dutcher Middle School, once the bullying and intimidation on social media got out of control.

According to Yahoo NewsHeather Marshall, a local photographer, saw Breanna’s interview and was deeply moved by the teenager’s story. So, she decided to do something special for her.


Marshall contacted Blush Beauty and Salon Bellissimo, and together, planned to give Breanna a special day where she could feel beautiful and fabulous.

Marshall reached out Breanna’s mother, Wendy, to give her the good news.

“I said, ‘I saw your story and I just wanted to let you know if you would like to come and have a photo shoot, I have friends that would help do hair and makeup’,”


However, there was thing Marshall was worried about. She told Yahoo news:

“I didn’t want her to think that the hair and makeup being done meant that she’s not already pretty, that was a concern I had — that she’d think the hair and makeup was what made her pretty. Makeup doesn’t make you pretty, but it might help make her feel pretty.”


It wasn’t a problem though because Breanna was thrilled with all the attention.

“I’m like speechless right now, Oh my God, I love this,” She said.


Breanna’s parents were delighted to see their daughter so happy and experiencing such a positive thing.

“It’s like all those awful emotions I had felt when I heard she had been passing notes about killing herself and all the bullying I had seen on social media, it all disappears, it becomes so small because everything that everyone is doing is so big,” Wendy told News 10.


Breanna enjoyed every moment of the day, and made quite the impression on Marshall:

“She’s better than most of my clients.”

Breanna explained how the kindness of others after her original interview aired affected her.

“I definitely got a piece back that I lost inside, I definitely got that piece of happiness back,” Breanna said.


At the end of her special day Breanna couldn’t have been happier, telling Marshall she made her “feel pretty for the first time.”


Marshall invites parents and families to educate their children about bullying, and to treat everyone with respect.

“Just treat people the way you want to be treated. If only more people went just a little bit out of their way to help people feel special, there would be a lot more happiness going around.”


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