Racist Woman Falls On Her Ass After Launching Racist Attack On Guy

Some people will never be satisfied with their lives, but instead of attempting to do anything about the problems they’d rather sit back and complain or blame others instead. It’s an attitude that’s become all too common when the world needs a little more action, and it always, always, always leads to situations like the one you’re about to see in the video below. For some reason there was an Englishman arguing with an Englishwoman when she starts asking about his ethnicity. Since his skin color is darker than hers, he must be from somewhere else like Africa, right? That’s the thought some people have when dealing with skin color but it makes zero sense. No one wants to be judged over things they can’t control, so why do the same to others?

The man responds that he’s an Englishman, to which the woman absolutely flips her sh** over. She lunges forward in an attempt to kick him and ends up falling on her butt, but she doesn’t stop there – her embarrassment wasn’t going to end there either. She continues after him until eventually he yells at the driver to stop the bus, then shoves the woman off and onto the sidewalk below!



These types of attitudes aren’t being met with pacifism anymore as we all have the right to feel like a human being, it’s 2016 we’ve got things figured out to where we know what’s right and wrong, and that attitude is just wrong. More people need to realize that most of the problems between us today aren’t necessarily caused by each other, but by the whole collective of things wrong with the world in general. That being said I hope that woman is alright and that she didn’t suffer any serious injuries, but that she also swallow her pride and accept where she was wrong.


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