Rita Ora Sings Stunning Tribute To Mother Teresa As Thousands Gather To Watch Her Be Declared A Saint

In Italy this September, Rita Ora sang “What Child Is This” in honor of Mother Teresa being proclaimed as a saint by Pope Francis. Performing at the Papal Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls, Rome, Italy, hundreds and thousands of individuals came to hear Ora’s beautiful voice.


Giving a little speech before she sang, Ora said, “Tonight on the eve of the canonization of Mother Teresa, we, the daughters and sons by blood and soul, are here to honor and express our gratitude to her outstanding life and work dedicated to the poorest people of the world. A humble woman managed to united all mankind without any discrimination, based only on the power of faith and love. The concert and your presence shows it better than anything else. Our concert is a journey, an itinerary, an expression of gratitude through music. This can be summarized by one quote of Mother Teresa herself: It is only love that will save the world.”


The performance at the vigil was breathtaking, stunning and powerful. Ora’s pleasant-sounding voice had everyone’s attention as they looked at her in awe.

A surprising similarity between Ora and Mother Teresa was that both of these ladies were born in Kosovan territory. For a little backstory about Mother Teresa, she was a nun which lived her life truly out of kindness and virtue.


The nun took care of the poor and disabled when others turned their backs to them. She built homes, orphanages, and care centers for those who were in need. Mother Teresa was an individual who always had a smile on her face as she helped others. The nun’s kindness and devotion to the people are the sole reasons why she is finally being recognized as a saint this year.

If you want to watch the performance, you can find it below.

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