Security Cameras Capture This Horrifying Moment At A Target Checkout Line

16-year-old Allison was with her family at a Target in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when a deranged homeless man attacked her. He grabbed Allison away from her family and held a knife up to her neck as her family pleaded with the attacker to let her go. What unfolded was completely surreal for Allison and her family, but thankfully there were a couple of Good Samaritans close by who acted quickly and helped free her from her assailant.

Leon Walls is the man who abruptly approached Allison and ripped her away from her mom and friend, holding a knife at her neck. Mike Turner, a witness, explains that Walls was repeating “You think I’m playing?” when a bystander decided to make a bold move. Creeping up behind the cover of the checkout line behind Walls’ back, this man leapt onto Walls’ in an attempt to free Allison, but sadly this move caused Walls to panic and stab Allison in the neck and back.
Another bystander sees an opportunity to intervene, and pushes a cart into Walls, loosening his grip on Allison. This allows Allison’s mother and friend the brief moment they need to remove Allison from Walls’ grip, and they swiftly pull her out of Walls’ reach. Two other men ended up receiving stab wounds from the altercation before Walls was taken into police custody.
While Walls’ random attack is horrifying, the way in which complete strangers spring into action for Allison is quite remarkable. Without the help of these every-day heroes, Allison could have suffered a much more tragic fate.


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