Senior Dance Crew Has Unexpected And Amazing Moves!

When you think of a championship hip hop dance crew, likely the first thing that comes to mind are flexible, in shape 20 somethings dancing to the latest hits. Billie Jordan is a 45-year-old woman who wanted to change that notion.

Although she had no experience in the dance industry whatsoever, she decided to get an unlikely group together to perform at the World Hip Hop Dance Championship. Her dance crew? A mix of 22 senior citizens, averaging the age of 80.

Jordan got the idea when she moved to a small island, one which she noticed was heavily populated by older generations. She decided that she wanted to get involved with the elderly community, and noticed that they all seemed to love to dance to help stay fit and active. Tossing aside traditional dance forms, she wanted to try out trying to introduce hip hop to her elders.

It seemed impossible, but in just 8 months, Jordan was able to get a routine locked down and even managed to get the group in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest dance group on record.

Check out their moves! We have to say, this routine is pretty impressive, no matter the age. We’re not entirely sure we could pull it off ourselves.

Teaching a group of senior citizen to dance in a way they never have before, while being taught by someone with no dance background, is truly an amazing feat!


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