She Goes Nuts On Her Wedding Day. Then The Dr. Finds A Bug In The Back Of Her Head!

Right before she was about to tie the knot and start a new chapter of her life Kelly had to make a quick visit to the Doctor with her wedding dress and all!

Her mother told Dr. Panacek that her daughter had been going crazy with hallucinations and anxiety. They thought that it was just the wedding jitters but soon realized that something much more serious was going on with their daughter.

Dr. Panacek instantly thought that it was not psychiatric at all.

He told Kelly to hold still while he inspected the back of her head. “My suspicions were confirmed,” he said.

After taking a look he found the reason behind the bride’s turmoil. In fact, she wasn’t crazy at all! She just had a centimeter long botfly larvae that was growing in the lesion in the back of her head.

Kelly was at a bachelorette party in Costa Rica when she got a mosquito bite. She covered the scab up with petroleum jelly and thought that everything would be fine. Little did she know that she actually trapped in the eggs that the botfly laid on top of the bite. This is very rare in the United States.

That wasn’t the only botfly larvae in her head either!

Let’s hope she made it back to her wedding in a timely fashion.



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