She Put a Few Ingredients in a Mason Jar and Ended Up With THIS Amazing Lunch!

Do you feel like your constantly running out of lunch ideas for the week? I try to pack a lunch every day for work (saving money and calories) but sometimes I just run out of ideas for things to make!

Until I came across this GENIUS concept called: Mason Jar Salads. Putting together a Mason jar salad is SO simple and it puts everything you’d need for a delicious lunch in one jar. The secret to making the perfect Mason jar salad starts at the bottom of the jar. The trick is to add your dressing FIRST. For this particular salad she went with ranch because she’s making a Chicken Cobb Salad.

Once you have a layer of dressing at the bottom of the jar, you add your protein next. For this recipe it’s chicken. The trick is to put protein, or the heartiest ingredients at the bottom closest to the dressing, so it doesn’t get soggy. From there you just start adding layers!

Next she added cucumbers, then olives, tomatoes, shredded carrots, lettuce and topped it with a hardboiled egg! Then, when you’re ready to eat it just shake the jar to mix the ingredients and dressing together and voila!

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