She Recorded Herself One Second A Day For A Year, The Footage Gave Us Shivers

Adults and children live in two very different and complex worlds.

Kids don’t necessarily know the details of what all is going on in the adult world but that doesn’t mean they aren’t affected by it, and that’s something many people have seem to forgotten. In the midst of terror attacks, bombings, shootings, murders and every other violent story out there, how many of the perpetrators have ever stopped to think about the lives they’re destroying? It can’t be more than a handful with the rate at which the stories come flying out, but that doesn’t mean no one is acting to try and change things either.

The video you’re about to watch comes from Don’t Panic, a British creative agency for the Save the Children organization, and it’s enough to bring you to tears. You’ll follow the life of a little British girl for one year, just a single second at a time. She lives with a loving family, and enjoys the carefree life of a child, but right in the background we can see the steady escalation of problems from the adult world trickling down into hers until it’s entirely too late.


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