She Turned A Plain Mug, Nail Polish And A Toothpick Into Something Amazing!

This DIY project is so incredibly easy yet the results are breathtaking!

All you need to recreate this project is plain white mugs, nail polish, toothpicks, a plastic container and water.

Fill up your plastic container with enough water that you will be able to submerge your mug and  pour nail polish onto the water one color at a time. When you are done adding colors, swirl the polish around using a toothpick until you see a pattern you like. When you’re done with the nail polish simply dip the mug in on its side and then pull straight out of the water. Voila! You are left with a beautiful watercolor mug!

This project is so simple you can make a whole new set of mugs for yourself or to give away as a gift.

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