She Was Finding a Pacifier for Her Crying Child at a Stoplight. That’s When He Decided to Honk.

Driving, especially in traffic, can be incredibly frustrating.

But before rushing to honk the horn or cutting someone off, it’s important to remember that the circumstances of the person inside the vehicle are not known by their fellow drivers.

And as mom Jennifer Stickler can attest, experiencing aggressive driving can make an already tough day even harder.

After being cut off by a driver while tending to her young son, she took to Facebook to express her dismay.

She writes:

“Does anyone know the guy that drives this truck? If you do, please pass along this message to him…


My sincerest apologies for sitting through the green arrow at 24th & Broadway today. I had just left my 6 month old son’s doctor appointment, and at that current moment in time he was screaming his head off in the backseat. Rather than inching forward while not fully concentrating on the road, I decided to sit still in the turn lane while I rummaged for a pacifier in my bottomless diaper bag located in the backseat.

In the midst of your obnoxious honking, I felt my fingers grasp the pacifier, the light turned green, and I went – with you right on my bumper. This whole green arrow put an extra 30 seconds into your travel time AT BEST. Apparently that warranted your erratic driving, speeding up on the side of my car swerving all the way over into the turn lane of the next street and into oncoming traffic before correcting your vehicle and coming back over into the lane I was in and almost running me off the road.

I wouldn’t expect that a GIANT A****** such as yourself would care whether or not I had my baby in the car with me until I saw your classy decal in your back window – “Guns Don’t Kill People, Dad’s With Pretty Daughters Do!” I wonder how you’d react if someone did to your daughter what you did to me, or to her mother while your daughter was in the car with her.

I’m glad nothing more serious happened, otherwise we’d be having a different conversation. I’m going to say a little prayer for you tonight because quite frankly, you SUCK.


In writing this post, Stickler’s frustration is apparent. But the situation reminds us that treating others as you would like to be treated certainly applies to driving as well.


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