She Watches A Cashier Let A Customer Get Away With Stealing. His Reason Why Leaves Her Stunned.

As Karridy Askenasy related in a Facebook post, he was at his neighborhood Walgreen’s when the clerk, identified as Christian Griffan, told Karridy there would be a slight delay checking out, while the previous customer went to her car to get the rest of the money for her purchase.

When Karridy pointed out that the customer in question that had already taken her purchases to the car was pulling out of the parking lot, the Christian looked disappointed, but took out his own debit card and paid for the purchase himself.walgreens

Karridy wrote about the incident:

Last week, I was at my neighborhood Walgreens in Keller, Texas, when I witnessed something pretty cool. I approached the counter to pay for my items, and the young man apologized that he couldn’t check me out, because he was waiting for the previous customer to get some money from her car. “That one? The one driving away?”, I asked. He looked disappointed. But then quickly pulled out his wallet and swiped his own debit card to pay for the balance of her purchase. I reminded him that they had cameras in the parking lot, and that he should give her plates to the police. He didn’t seem to want to, telling me, “She was buying formula”. It was only $6 or so, but I found his decision and example of character to be priceless.

I immediately shared this story with my neighbors on Nextdoor, to recognize this young man, and to also see if anybody knew the woman and might encourage her to return and compensate him. Nobody knew her, but that didn’t stop two people from our community from stopping by, unprompted, to each reimburse him six dollars.

I returned today, for the first time since the incident, and was glad to see him working the register, helping customers in his typically friendly fashion. I was buying a gift card, and asked him if I could pay part cash, and part debit card. “No problem, man”. As he rang up my purchase, he smiled and told me about the random acts of kindness that he received from the two strangers, and how cool he thought it was that people cared and took the time to do that.

I admitted to him that I had posted about him on Nextdoor, which is what brought him to the attention of my thoughtful neighbors. I then went on to explain that those two weren’t the only ones who were impressed by him.

“I had many more neighbors reaching out to me, wanting to see if they could contribute. Before I knew it, I had $200 in cash from your neighborhood customers, who wanted to thank you”.

His eyes widened as I slid the gift card back across the counter and said, “Sir, That is yours. It’s from the neighborhood. We appreciate you.”, and shook his hand as he continued to process what I was saying.

“Are you for real?! – Seriously? Awww mannn, that’s cool!”

Hearing him talk about his appreciation for the small things made it so much sweeter to follow it up with the larger, neighborhood gift. It has been really uplifting to see what generous and caring people I am blessed to be surrounded by.

BIG THANKS to all of the folks that contributed to making this young man’s day. And mine

feeling positive at Walgreens

It took Karridy a few minutes to persuade Christian that it was real, but he finally received a happy smile in return. As for Karridy, he was just pleased to help return Christian’s act of generosity.


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