She’s About To Meet The Woman Who Received Their Daughter’s Heart. Grab The Tissues.

When Todd and Tara Storch’s 13-year-old daughter, Taylor, tragically died in a skiing accident, the mourning parents made the valiant decision to donate her organs with the hope that they would be able to save someone else’s life. 

More than anything, Tara hoped she would one day hear Taylor’s heart beating again, providing the life, which was heartbreakingly stolen from her daughter, to someone else. In her own heart, Tara longed for a connection with this anonymous recipient. 

Using the Internet, friends discovered who was hosting Taylor’s heart – Patricia Winter. When Patricia’s heart started failing five years prior, after the birth of her second son, she could no longer take care of her children. With Taylor’s heart, Patricia is able to be the mom she once was.

When Patricia was first contacted by the Storch’s friends, she began following Taylor’s story and knew she had to meet this devoted mother, so she reached out. The two moms immediately built a special bond. Excited and nervous to meet each other, this video shows the pivotal moment when the two meet for the first time, and it is incredibly touching.

We go on to watch Tara listen through a stethoscope to hear her daughter’s heart beating in Patricia’s chest. Taylor has given Patricia the most unbelievable gift – the gift of life – and we are left with this unforgettable story.


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