SHOCKING: Miley Cyrus Caught Using New Drug…

Miley Had a Bright Idea: Apparently a friend told her that licking a banana slug would lead to a trippy experience, so she did it.a
She apparently had a bad reaction to licking the slug: What an absolutely shocking development! Who would have thought that licking a wild slug was bad for the immune system?


This was the week leading up to her SNL performance: Miley knows how to prioritize, choosing the week before a nationally televised performance to lick the slug.


When she got to the SNL set for filming, she was apparently up to her usual antics: But unlike in the past when she has been called a hard worker, she apparently smoked blunt after blunt.


She was reportedly so stoned that her eyes were nearly closed: And this was during the taping of Saturday Night Live, so I guess we will get to see for ourselves.


What is Miley Doing?: There seems to be no rhyme or reason to Miley Cyrus’ actions or career choices right now. Any info on what in the world she is doing would be very helpful.


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