Sick Teen Can’t Make Favorite Band’s Concert. Star Musician Visits Hospital And Sings To Her

A teenager from Austin, Texas had one of her biggest disappointments and best moments of her life all within a days time.

The teenage had tickets to see her favorite band– Florence + the Machine at Austin 360 amphitheater, but missed the concert due to her health. The 15-year-old girl whose health prevented her from attending the concert got an incredible surprise when the band paid her a visit.2

Bystanders on their cell phones, captured a stunning acoustic performance set inside the Texas hospice. Singer Florence Welch held the girl’s hand and they sang together “Shake It Out” and “Dog Days Are Over.” Soon the entire room, filled with staff members, friends and relatives of the girl all erupted into song.

“Such a good melody,” Welch said to the girl who was also singing along.

Staff members at the Hospice had reached out to the band when they determined the girl would not be well enough to attend the concert she had been looking forward to for so long.


“The room was full–full of joy and warmth and love and life and singing,” said Hospice nurse Lev Baesh in a Facebook post. “Thank you to Florence and your people. Thank you to the teenagers who filled that room with life for yet another day.”

A beautiful story about a band going above and beyond for their fans. What seemed like a tragic day for the girl became one of the best days she could ever ask for.

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