Sleepy Neighborhood is Woken Up to A Scene that is Normally Reserved For the Wild

A normally quiet neighborhood in St. Paul, Minnesota got an unusual wake up call from a pair of fighting bald eagles— who made their presence known with some very attention-getting screeches.

As WCCO News reports, the eagles appeared to be stuck together in a tree, where the noise from their feud caught the attention of those nearby.eagles

Eagles aren’t an uncommon sight in the area, but residents are accustomed to seeing them far away and flying by, not pecking and clawing at each other on the front lawn. Nonetheless, it was a stunning sight.

“They were on the lower branch just hanging there,” Deb Corty told WCCO. “Just kind of fighting, but they looked like they were stuck. It was different. They were beautiful. They were big.”

The two birds were angry, however, and authorities were called in for help.

With the help of the South Metro Fire Department, two officers from the Department of Natural Resources tried to approach the birds to separate them. But just as the ladder got close, the birds untangled and took off.

According to experts, it’s not unusual for male eagles to fight over territory, even for hours at a time. In this case, the fight began at six am and lasted approximately three hours before the birds flew away, apparently unhurt.

“I don’t know what they were fighting over,” said one firefighter, “but it must have been good.”


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