Student in Cap & Gown Banned At Last Minute From Graduation Because of What He Wore For An Injury

For Oklahoma teenager Austun Blagg, high school graduation day was one of frustration instead of pride and happiness.

The graduating senior was banned from walking across the stage in front of family and friends.


Why? Blagg was wearing sneakers, rubbing against the school’s strict dress code for the ceremony.

There’s only one problem: Austun Blagg was involved in a serious accident that broke several toes, and since then, sneakers have been the only kind of shoe he could wear.

His grandmother, Mary Blagg, discussed the heartbreaking moment withNewsChannel 10:

“I cried and I cried. It made me sick,” she said. “This is a big milestone for Austun. He worked hard to get where he’s at. It just crushed me and it was hard.”

Blagg also suffered a brain injury in the accident, making graduating high school an even bigger source of price for his family.blagg2

Austun Blagg talked about the disappointment of not being able to walk across that stage:

“I’m still pretty bummed out that I couldn’t do it because it’s a once in a lifetime thing, you only get to do it once,” he said.

The school was aware of Blagg’s injury, but still insisted on enforcing these rules. When asked for comment, the principal of the Oklahoma high school simply sent over a copy of the dress code.

Austun Blagg, however, was able to pick up his diploma.


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