Surfer Bethany Hamilton Shared Her Stunning Pregnancy Body. Now She’s Showing Off Her Bundle of Joy

It turns out that there is one thing that can make pro surfer Bethany Hamilton hang up her board… at least for a little while.

Hamilton first came to national attention at the age of 13 when she refused to let a shark attack that left her without an arm prevent her from getting back on her surfboard.

Now at 25 years old, Hamilton and her husband, Adam Stokes, have shared photos of the newest member of their family— a baby boy named Tobias.

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After announcing her pregnancy via video, Hamilton posted frequent updates on social media, even indicating that she planned to stop surfing during the last stages of her pregnancy.

Before Tobias arrived, Hamilton pondered the challenge of motherhood with one arm:

“Motherhood with one arm, I kind of think about it. I kind of forget I have one arm, a squirming baby and changing diapers and just me could be really challenging,” Hamilton said. “But I think how I live life now. I just adjust and adapt to different things and I’ll find my own ways to take care of the baby.”

With the birth of their baby boy, the couple will continue to share their adventures as new parents.

It’s no surprise that she’s more than up to the challenge, and she’s handling it beautifully.


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