Teen Bullies Brutally Beat Up Defenseless Girls Who Will Not Fight Back

Kids have always found and look for new ways to be cruel to each other, partially because the world seems to be a bit broken as of late and another large part is that they just don’t understand the full magnitude of their actions.

They don’t fully grasp how much of an effect a singular meeting can have on a complete stranger depending on how they act towards them, and that causes bullying to be taking steps towards the extremes.

Bullying isn’t something that should be lauded because of how tough it does or does not make a person appear, and yet it seems to happen among peers anyways. A direct effect from that attitude amongst themselves is how many videos have emerged like the one you’re about to see; videos that will leave many of us completely enraged and curious as to what would compel a group of KIDS to do something like this.

The shocking footage you’re about to watch is of four young girls, two of whom are minding their own business and another two just charge in looking for violence. The victims choose not to fight back at all, which would have only given the bullies exactly what they wanted and would have probably ended up in the middle of an even bigger beatdown.

As you can see, not only are the bullies proud of themselves for what they’ve done they’re even watched by a few other bystanders who do absolutely nothing. This is what happens when you children aren’t taught about the consequences of their actions, or about ethics in general for that matter. But I’ll bet they’ve memorized the answers to the next test! Because that’s all that’s important these days.



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