Teen Refuses To Clean Her Room, So Mom Throws All Of Her Things Away As Punishment


Teenagers are challenging. Alice Velasquez know this – she has teen aged daughters. Alice got tired of repeatedly telling her girls to clean up their messy room. When the junk had piled up, Alice often found herself cleaning up the mess. That didn’t seem right either. Alice had had enough. To teach them a lesson, Alice put all of their belongings in trash bags.

She posted on Facebook pictures of the bags and wrote that this is what you do when you have had it with the mess in your teenager’s room! Alice’s daughters can get their things back, but they will have to pay $25 per bag. The kicker is that they don’t know what is in each bag! The money to buy the bags back also had to be earned doing chores!

Take a look at this video

Some people complained this was abuse. I think it was an awesome idea that her girls are not likely to forget! Share away, people.


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