Television Reporter Stabbed In Back While Testing ‘Knife-Proof’ Vest

What lengths do reporters have to go to just to bring us the news? One Israeli reporter found out the hard way that sometimes you have to go farther than you would have expected!

This is Eitam Lachover on the left, the man wearing a vest designed to block knife attacks to the chest and back. On the right you have Yaniv Montakyo, VP of the company that is producing the vests. In order to perform a real demonstration Lachover donned the knife-proof vest and allowed Montakyo to stab him in the back – repeatedly.

The vest actually manages to do it’s job quite well the first few attempted stabbings but inevitably broke under the continuous points of pressure from the tip of the knife. You can hear an audible pop as this happens and the reporter manages to keep a cool composure; you just know that had to hurt like hell though!

They probably should have only tried a couple stabbings instead of a repeated barrage for live television, but I guess then we wouldn’t know how many hits this vest can take. See, good and bad!


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