Texas Firefighter Gets to the Scene of Terrible Car Wreck. Then He Realizes Just Who He’s Rescuing

Aaron VanRiper of Thomas Lake was on call last weekend when a horrific car accident took place near Riverside, Texas.

When he arrived on scene, however, he soon discovered that his wife, Amber, and 7-year-old son Jonathan were in the car that collided with an oncoming pickup truck.1Aaron, who is an assistant fire chief for the suburban Dallas volunteer fire company, still isn’t sure how either of them survived after surveying the wreckage.
He told the station:

“It’s my family. My wife was laying there on the ground. Once I saw my son, I started going into a little bit of a panic mode.”

Aaron added:

“The looks of that car – the fact that they are alive is a feat. God has some amazing things for them I’m guessing.”

Although Amber works full-time, the family does not have health insurance, so a family friend set up a GoFundMe page to help defer some of the medical costs from the crash.
zzOne of those donors was pop star Taylor Swift, who read about the family’s tragedy on Buzzfeed and subsequently favorited the article on Twitter. Taylor-Swift-favoritesShe then made a personal donation of $15,000 to the family’s GoFundMe page, according to family friend Robin Davis:

“I awoke this morning to see this. ..THE TAYLOR SWIFT contributed $15,000 to my dear friends Amber Keeler VanRiper, John Bear and Aaron VanRiper! Truly amazing that a celebrity saw their story and decided to act upon it. Thank you God for moving her heart to do so,”

While Swift’s publicist wouldn’t confirm the donation, a person with knowledge of the situation told Buzzfeed that the money did in fact come from the pop superstar herself.


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