The 2-year-old’s body is completely covered in red sores. What the doctors then discover, is just awful.

Jasper Allen, 2-years-old, had to suffer from a condition that most boys his age do not have to go through. Imagine being covered in red sores, all over your body. This was what Jasper had. Shockingly, the mother was apparently refused an appointment at the local GP surgery center. Despite the sight of the young boy, for whatever reason the receptionist didn’t see it fit that his condition was severe enough. It didn’t warrant a visit supposedly.1

The sores itched and became badly infected. Sarah, the mother, takes Jasper to a hospital emergency room, two days after being turned away by the doctor. There they agreed that this was the worse case of chicken pox ever seen. Even medical journals were thought to be contacted since it was so severely bad and never had been witnessed to this degree.


Immediately he was put into the children’s ward. He spent five days on an IV drip, along with antiviral meds. Antibiotics and morphine was also given, and finally his condition began to stabilize some.


The National Health Service doesn’t have chicken pox vaccination available for their routine childhood immunization, so not all kids get it. While the woman’s children all had immunizations, private vaccination never crossed her mind. Little did she know what would end up happening.

The mom is now on a mission to make a vaccination for this disease to be free for everyone. She’s calling on Government agencies to make this happen, as she knows firsthand how important it is.

“It shouldn’t have affected a healthy two-year-old as badly as it did – imagine how it could have affected a child with a compromised immune system.”

Sarah has experienced almost every kid in her care have chickenpox. But none was as devastating as this.


The vaccine in England is targeted towards those who are at risk in regards to serious illness. It’s recommended for kids whose family members are going through med treatments like serious chemo, as this can affect immunity.

Both Sarah and her husband are still up in arms over the original wrongly assessed condition of their child.


Here’s Sarah talking about how brave her boy was:

“It is worse when it’s your own child because all you want is to take the pain away for them, it broke my heart.”

Jasper is still undergoing regular exams, which will hopefully rule out any permanent damage done to his body. But it does look like he has pretty much made a full recovery!


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