The Crowd Freaks Out When Dad Does This While The Cameras Are On Him

This has got to be one of the funniest videos I’ve had the pleasure of watching. I love when die-hard fans get all hyped up for their teams. The excited fan in this video is so much fun to watch; I was definitely cheering him on along with the other fans in the stadium. John Sweeney, more commonly known as “Jiggly Boy” is a crowd favorite at Minnesota Timberwolves basketball games, and after watching this I can totally see why.

The video begins by showing Sweeney being escorted from a Timberwolves game in 2003 after taking his shirt off during a dance-cam break. Sweeney flaunted basketball star Kevin Garnett’s initials on his bare arms letting everyone know who his favorite is. The best part about this video is watching Sweeney’s comeback during Garnett’s return to the Timberwolves earlier this year. You have to watch these hilarious events unfold for yourself.


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