The Czech Republic Has Finally Got Round To Changing Its Name

People of a certain generation still haven’t stopped referring to the Czech Republic as Czechoslovakia, so I imagine this will be a ginormous headf**k for them. Yes, those lovely Czechs have changed the name of their country again (if only to keep us on our toes). Apparently the decision to change the country’s name was made back in April, but this is the first I’m hearing of it.

According to the Czech government, English speakers now have a new name for their favourite stag-do destination. No longer will we be able to dash over to the Czech Republic, and pop into Prague for a lap dance, as the place no longer exists.1

So why the change? Well, since the split of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic in 1993, the state title of the country has been Česká republika (which translates to the Czech Republic). But it seems that Czechs forgot to sort one important detail. A document from states: “No English-language short form name, as a simpler counterpart to the official country name, was ever officially standardised.

So, the Czech Republic is changing its name again, and we all have to get on board. For those of you in the know, the Czech Republic actually stopped being a republic in 1993 – so the current name is very misleading. In short, the government just haven’t got round to rectifying the problem, until now that is.


Earlier in the year the Czech Republic’s government approved the use of Czechia as the English-speaking name for the country. So why Czechia? Well, the short name for the Czech language is Česko, and it is broadly agreed that Czechia is the closest English translation.

Before you ask, no, this will not affect your next holiday. All your tickets are still valid, and the beer still costs peanuts. I can sense a lot of relief, as I know for a fact there are plenty of men out there desperate to partake in the outrageous drinking rituals in Czechia’s capital city. I guess all you need to do before you fly is Czech you have the right money… sorry, I couldn’t resist.


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