The Father Of 6 Dies. When A Policeman Sees These 6 Barefoot Children At A Walmart, His Heart Breaks.

Her Husband Died and She was Forced to Live in Poverty with Her Six Girls, When This Policeman Learned Her Story What He Does Will Warm Your Heart

There’s a simple fact about life that not many people seem to understand these days, that no matter how good things are going tragedy can strike at just a moments notice. One day you could find yourself on top of the world, and the next could leave you broken and alone. Sarah Robinson experienced that truth in a very difficult way when her husband passed away back in 2012, and ever since then she’s been stuck living in poverty.


Meet Officer Mark Engravalle from Roeland Park, Kansas, a father and husband who understands more what it means to be a cop than most other officers you’ll hear about on the news. One day Mark was working when he got called to the local Walmart to arrest a thief.

When he arrived he learned the thief was met by Sarah Robinson and her six children.2

She believed her children were about to be lost to her, that the cops were there to take them off for CPS to handle and her to jail. He learned her story, and that she had only been attempting to take some diapers, shoes and children’s clothes.


Unfortunately, they’d been forced to live from their car after the house got repossessed. Sarah didn’t have anywhere left to turn and was desperately in need of more than just a little kindness.


Among her children there’s 15-year-old Emily, 13-year-old Sophia, 12-year-old Angelina, 4-year-old Miley and a set of 2-year-old twins named Becky and Bella.

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So, Mark decided that instead of arresting her and taking her to prison, to just let her off with a misdemeanor warning instead! Not only that, when he saw how filthy her children’s feet were he took them right back into Walmart and bought them some shoes they picked out – and more importantly some toys!


He also bought the mother some diapers, an act of kindness she’d never experienced before and one she’s likely never to forget.



Since then other people have made donations of their own to both Sarah and Mark, though the officer still insists everyone forwards their donations to the family in need rather than him.


It’s incredible how much the human race will band together to help those in need when the time calls for it, though I hope it becomes more common than not before things get this extreme…


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