The Internet Is Losing Tt Over This Fake Delivery Man Who Stole Cases Of Beer

Wasn’t it in that movie “Now You See Me” where they said, “The closer you think you are, the less you’ll actually see”?One guy took that magic lesson a little too close to heart and played out one of the funniest robberies the internet has ever seen – all because of what he stole! Instead of playing the fool at the counter while the silent alarms go off this guy decided simply to dress up like a delivery man. Naturally, no one questioned the presence of a delivery man in the store, so he walked straight to the liquor isle and grabbed more than a few cases of beer. That’s it.


It wouldn’t come as a surprise to see this guy on the news in the future, maybe with a cool nickname like the ‘Brewer’s Bandit’. That’s only if he sticks to beer though. Well, if anything you can say he’s not crafty when the situation calls for it!


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