The Last Thing She Remembers is Making A Left Turn But She Knows Who Was Holding Her the Whole Time

What started out as a normal day for 36-year-old Karen Brown quickly turned into one that reaffirmed her faith in God.

The last thing she remembers as she was driving in Nelspruit, South Africa is making a left turn in her Ford Fiesta.

Unfortunately, at the same time, the driver of a truck ignored the red traffic light in front of him.1

As a result, he collided with Brown’s vehicle and rolled on top of it, leaving it completely demolished.

While it seemed impossible that anyone could have survived the collision, first responders spent over an hour trying to rescue Brown from the wreckage.


And when they did, they miraculously found that Brown was not only alive, but had only suffered — all things considered — minor injuries.

Brown, who had recommitted herself as a Christian several years ago, said that she was never afraid because “Jesus held [her] all the time.”


But she didn’t realize the magnitude of the miracle until she saw photos of the wreckage several days later.

“My God was good to me,” she said.


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