The Resemblance Between A Young Prince William And His Son is Eerily Uncanny. See For Yourself.

The normal royal-comparisons seen most of the time is between Princess Kate’s and the late Princess Diana’s fashion choices.1
But as the Daily Mail points out, the royal men of England are pretty similar themselves. Actually, Prince William and his adorable 2-year-old son are almost identical.
Here are a few pictures from William’s days as a child and recent photos snapped of Prince George that give a pretty good example of just how much this father-and-son duo look-a-like.
1. Prince William and Prince George in identical outfits, with the same very blond hair.
2. Even their smiles are the same.
3. Prince George and his father both caring after their young siblings; Princess Charlotte and Prince Harry, respectively.
4. Prince George knows how to steal the spotlight just like his Uncle Harry did back in the day.
6Wonder who Princess Charlotte will take after as she gets bigger?


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